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 Who Have Read or met

Sophie Simi's "Little" Saint



Retired Cardinal Roger Mahoney of the Los Angeles Archdiocese said mass in front of and facing Sophie's crypt on November 2, 2012.  After mass, in a private meeting with him, Maria (Sophie's mother), Fr. Budi Wardhana and I gave the Cardinal a copy of Sophie's book as a gift.  He lovingly leaned forward to talk to Maria face to face.  He looked her in the eye and said, "I will read every page of this book about your daughter."


Bishop Joseph Zawitkowski of Lowicz, Poland, read Sophie's book in Polish in April 2013, and wrote an official two page statement with his seal of office on it.  He personally presented this document to Maria in a private meeting in his office. He said, "How did you survive the passing of such a wonderful child?  And you didn't rebel against God? {Lord!} You gave a child, and you take it away? ... Sophie, come to me in my dreams.  Come with your Piesio.  Awaken me, and say to me, like you did to Father Rafal: ... it's time to pray now."


Bishop Gerald Wilkerson of Ventura, California, upon hearing of the holiness and health of Sophie,  invited her to be confirmed with the Confirmation Class of 2012.  She was only five years old, yet she was the first to be confirmed that day.


Rev. Joseph P. Shea, Pastor of St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church in Simi Valley, California said in his homily at her funeral, "Sophie was like a magnet that attracted everyone’s attention and, like a ray of sunshine, she brightened everyone’s day by her incredible patience, courage and endurance.  And her smile—well, literally, it was heavenly."



Fr. Budi Wardhana, Associate Pastor of St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church in Simi Valley, California confided in me that he believes Sophie is a saint and that she was so pure, she might even be an incorruptible.


Rev. Rafal Dygula, Pastor of Our Lady of the Bright Mount Catholic Church in Los Angeles said, "I would go to her home and play on the floor with little Sophie; I would bless her forehead three times and then she would start blessing my forehead.  After we played for a while she said, ‘Father I like playing with you so much, but now it is time to pray,' and so we prayed in Polish together.  I was astounded by the holiness of this little child.”  (Sophie Simi's Little Saint is available in his church's book store).

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